Depression and authenticity

I wrote this seven months ago and planned to share it. Then I didn’t. It sat in Evernote waiting for the right moment. As a friend of mine says, there’s never a good time so just do it. That’s advice I’ve ignored. Depression, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, fear…these are things society seems to think are […]

Interesting reading: Nov 18

Here are a few things I read on November 18 that I thought worth sharing.: What Happens to Your Brain When You Eat Junk Food (And Why We Crave It) The Economics of Star Trek Madison’s Reality Distortion Field, Or A Look at the Farmers Market by Chuck Banas Building a Mindful Company — Life […]

Interesting reading: Oct 08

Here are a few things I read on October 08 that I thought worth sharing.: Las Vegas Gambles on a Future With Car Sharing for Everyone | Ideas & Innovations | Smithsonian Magazine Entrepreneurshit. The Blog Post on What It’s Really Like. Seth’s Blog: The secret of the five top Apollo Robbins on Apollo […]

Interesting reading: Sep 20

Here are a few things I read on September 20 that I thought worth sharing.: Postmortem of a Venture-backed Startup — Medium Las Vegas News Video – 8 News NOW KNPR’s State of Nevada — Zappos Opens New Downtown Headquarters Moving Into Old Las Vegas City Hall – ABC News New headquarters for Zappos […]

Interesting reading: Aug 14

Here are a few things I read on August 14 that I thought worth sharing.: (66) Asana: How does Asana approach No Meeting Wednesday? – Quora Comparison | The life and death of paper mail — Editor’s Picks — Medium This is interesting for reasons you won't expect. (65) What is it like to […]

Interesting reading: Jul 19

Here are a few things I read on July 19 that I thought worth sharing.: (69) Memory: What is it like to have a photographic (eidetic) memory? – Quora eidetic memory Do Things that Don’t Scale 12 Essential Qualities of A Superstar Cofounder Friends In Business Together: 4 Success Stories – Forbes What I Learned […]

A Transition

Today I sent this email to my fellow managers at Hi everyone, Recently I decided to leave Zappos as a full-time employee but remain with the Company as a contractor focused on completing and opening Zappos’ new HQ at the former Las Vegas City Hall. Leaving the comfort of the Zappos nest was not […]

Interesting reading: May 04

Here are a few things I read on May 04 that I thought worth sharing.: Downtown Project Startup Buys 100 Teslas, Aims To Replace Your Car Las Vegas Startup Weekend: Can Tony Hsieh Create a Silicon Desert? | The New OPEN Forum 26 Top Time Management Hacks: – Barking Up The Wrong Tree Tony Hsieh […]

My Mission

I wrote a version of this today and thought it worth sharing. We are building companies bound together by a common thread of disruption, a relentless focus on execution and an equally relentless focus on company culture.